Music goddess girl anime hd-wallpaper-772940
Ystune with a flute
Ttiles "Great Song Singer" "Most Beautiful" "Perfection" "Lady of Strings" "Woodwind Weaver" "Bardic Beauty"
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Interests Acting, Singing, Performing, Music, Writing Songs
Worshipers Actors, Singers, Performers, Musicians, Song Writers.
Cleric Alignments Any except Lawful
Domains Music, Acting, Performing
Favorite Weapon Instruments
Phase Created First
Sacred Creature Living Notes
Sacred symbol Harp

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Ystune is the Goddess of Music, and cares not for the politics of the world, the justification of your actions, only that what you do provides others with beautiful music, as that's the only thing she cares about. She understands the concepts of that the song displays, but she doesn't care about the actual concept itself, and she only cares about how it's used, and the actual beauty of the song.

Ystune's Symbol

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