Uldrum preparing to spread her hatred
Ttiles "Hatred" "Love's Bane" "The Feared One"
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Interests Death, Creating Anger, Suffering
Worshipers Those with a strong passion of Hatred for something
Cleric Alignments Lawful Evil, Chaotic Evil, Neutral Evil
Domains Death, Suffering, Anger
Favorite Weapon Great WarAxe
Phase Created First
Sacred Creature Spider
Sacred symbol Burning Fire
Uldrum is the Goddess of Hatred, displaying a Hatred for all things, especially Love. While Uldrum focuses on the bigger picture, working on her plan to encompass all mortals with feelings of hatred for the Gods so that they are no longer worshiped. This is mainly because early on a few years after the Gods were created, Uldrum fell for Hather,mainly out of Envy, and while some Gods were sympathetic, they mainly disagreed with Uldrum, refusing in her goal to kill Hather out of hatred. When they refused, she isolated herself and focused on her master plan. Because she's focusing on that she created 3 Cosmic Entities to watch over the hatred of mortals. Envy, Betrayal, and Ideology were their names, each watching over their respective domains.






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