Trewuya seeks to deceive everyone, seduce them, and manipulate them. Trewuya has been known to give power to Female Witches, but never to Males. In exchange, the witches must use their hexes often, as it gives more power to Trewuya. She has a history of seducing people with her human forms, but any male who sets eyes on her true demon form, in all it's beauty, will be tortured for eternity, and have the memory erased from their mind. She doesn't mind females, in fact she enjoys having sex with females, as she often calls upon her witches for services, in order to let them keep their powers. She is also the mother of all Succubus. Her latest servant is Syyvas Aliana. One of the six offspring of Malum Dautan. Unlike her other siblings and father, she is rather nice to females, but shows extreme hatred for males.

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