Ttiles The Dark Lady

The Dark Void

Alignment Black
Interests Deception, Shadow, Darkness, Void
Worshipers Denizens of the Dark
Cleric Alignments Any
Domains Shadow, Fear, Darkness, Deception, Illusions
Favorite Weapon Karambit
Phase Created Fifth
Sacred Creature Shadow
Sacred symbol Unnamed

Suva, Goddess of Darkness is of the youngest gods, formed from Lucilious's remains relatively recently when compared to the other gods, she controls shadows and manipulates the void of the mind.

Dogma Edit

Being a young god, Suva's followers are few and far between, and typically are morbid and fanatic, but are zealous and devout followers to the darkness.

History Edit

Being a young god, Suva has an equally young history. Suva was created at the Fifth Phase, and is hardly recognized by the earlier gods, and is not often recognized by even mortals.

Relations with other gods Edit

Suva has trouble relating to the majority of the other gods, they find her youth distasteful, and as such Suva despises other deities, she is constantly weaving a dark tapestry of lies, illusions, and plans of how to increase her own power.

Depictions Edit


One of Suna's many forms

Suva has countless forms, it is said that her original form is pure void, and that all darkness is subjugated under her. When speaking with other gods, or making her presence known to mortals she typically picks her form from that of a female Drow elf, or from a multitude of shadow creatures and ghosts.

Divine Servants Edit

The Reaper Edit

The living undead serveant of Suva that creates fear in mortals and spreads the name of Suva over Eleon.


The Reaper

Nightmare Edit



The dark horse of Suva that spreads fear and shadows across the lands of Eleon.

Church of Suva Edit

Worshipers Edit


Symbol of Suva

Suva has few worshipers, only those that live in darkness, like drow elves, insane and quite twisted mortals, and those that have been scared into worshiping her by The Reaper or Nightmare.

Temples Edit

Suva's temples are few and far between, being built where the sunlight never touches, naturally or not, and are defended fiercely by Priests of Shadow

Holidays Edit

The Winter Solstice- the longest night and shortest day is Suva's holiday, the day where darkness reigns over the land.

Yog-Sothoth Edit

A being that lived in the Void thousands of years before Suva's existence was created. They often have disputes in the Void over who controls what, and whether or not they shouldn't kill each other. Much is not known of Yog-Sothoth, but only that he may be the personification of the Void itself.



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