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Samsarans are an ancient race of creatures that have roamed Eleon for ages. Their exact origins are unknown, but it is rumored that they were once demons who defiled some of Sopdon's(the god of knowlege) shrines of worship and were punished by being forced to roam Eleon in the search for meaning of their own lives for all of eternity. Though now a mostly peaceful race, most common folk think their obsession with the idea of death makes them insane.

Lifespan Edit


Samsarans don't necessarily have a life span, as they are not concerned with it. Though they live a maximum amount of 108 years, they are reincarnated upon death so that they may carry on their curse. They can often recall important lessons and failures of their past lives to help them better the quality of their existence and better understand the meaning of life itself. Edit

Society Edit

Samsarans can be found in quiet places such as forests, springs, or anywhere peaceful where one could meditate. They meditate so that they can revisit places from past lives that they half remember. Female samsarans can give birth to human offspring, but those offspring ultimately become samsarans after death. They are easily molded by their surroundings, being born a clean slate with no premonitions about anything. Only until later in their lives once they reflect enough upon their previous lives and the state of their being do they begin to develop their own personality. When provoked or put into a situation where they experience a high level of emotion, Samsarans personalities flux with their past lives personalities, creating intense mental strain on them. This is why most Samsarans prefer to stay in isolation, because "Those who do not understand, cling to fear."-Samsaran philosopher

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