Battle sorcerer by anndr-d7a527g
Sammael, young
Age  ???
Sex Male
Race Mutated Human
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Class Witch Hunter
Deity  ???
Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, Cha 24, 22, 17, 28, 24, 13

Sammael is the last remaining member of the Witch Hunter's Organization, which was founded 400 years ago to fight off Witches who attempted to sink the world into utter chaos. It is unknown what he's spent most of his life doing, but the song "Sammael, the Witch Hunter" describes him as wandering the land hunting down powerful creatures and men with bounties on their heads. It also describes him as a depressed man looking for a love from a time long past. Sammael is a powerful Sorcerer who has been confirmed to be proficient with dual-wielding Katanas and using firearms. Sammael has also been shown to be a very intelligent Alchemist as well. For some reason, Sammael doesn't seem to age, which is why he looks so young. This might be because an Eternal Youth potion is in use. His actual age is unknown but it could be anywhere from 80-400. He has often told people very different answers. He is not very social, but when he is, he's with his close friend Grendell.

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