Onuus in his true form
Ttiles "Wazztraz" "The Banker" "King of Coin"
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Interests Pants, Bags, Tailoring, Gold, Trading
Worshipers Investors, Traders, Tailors
Cleric Alignments Any Lawful
Domains Trade, Money, Travel
Favorite Weapon Staff
Phase Created Fourth
Sacred Creature Moose
Sacred symbol A Coin

The God of Money and Trade. Oversees all the transactions of mortals, and how much money they have, as well as investing and improving their money count. Not to be confused with the Desire of more money, which would be Greed, but rather the logical process behind the philosophy of money. Strangely, Onuus has likeness for Tailoring and the crafting of Pants and Satchel making. Often giving bonuses for those selling them and buying them both, without the buyer or seller knowing. This is because he loves tailoring things, and he has crafted a magical carpet made of the finest material in the land called Elderweave, which he also uses to frequently fly around and oversee trade. He has given the power to craft a magical flying carpet to mortals, but not many have learned the proper way. He can frequently be seen at auctions houses around the land.

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