Mythorilia in human form
Ttiles "The Balancer" "The Judge" "Blind Justice" "The Kind One"
Alignment Lawful Good
Interests Good Natured People and things
Worshipers Anyone who is not Evil
Cleric Alignments Lawful Good, Neutral Good, Lawful Neutral
Domains Karma, Balance, Justice
Favorite Weapon Longsword
Phase Created First
Sacred Creature Moose
Sacred symbol Scale

The Goddess of Karma, in other words the balance of mortal's actions whether they be good or evil. She doesn't affect mortals while they live, as she believes they are able to change, but upon Death they are judged fairly. She is friendly with most of the other Gods except for Daymon and Imjir as they're constantly going against what she believes. Occasionally, Mythorilia will choose champions in times with she can't control karma and the world is in utter chaos. The first champion was called Safor Pendragon, and he started the Pendragon Era.

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