Dautan pointing to the two moons of Hell, as he sits upon his patch of soil.

Pentagram satan

Symbol of Malum Dautan

Personification of True Evil. Malum Dautan was formed from the patch of soil that Usess grew before his death. Malum Dautan, being true evil itself, is incapable of doing any sorts of acts that represent good nature, unless they will benefit him, or create more evil in the end. Dautan is not subjectively evil, he is objectively evil, there is no question. He is responsible for the evil acts done by Gods and mortals alike, such as Rape, Murder, torture, and anything that causes suffering. He wants nothing other than to engulf every living creature with constant suffering. The difference between the power of Usess and Asolle compared to the other God's is enormous, meaning that even Usess's evil within him gives a gargantuan pool of power to draw from. Also, the more people that fear Dauntan and the more that hate him add to his power. All the Gods are completely terrified of Malum Dautan's pure Evil Nature that his power keeps growing every day. The Gods even created a seperate afterlife called Hell to separate Dautan from them. Even Asolle stays away from Malum Dauntan, though she believes she could take him down in a battle to the death, with them alone. To expand his power, he reproduced with himself to create 6 offsprings: Trewuya, Relith, Yerfnew, Hiyruin, Furion, and Krafor. The words on his arms are "Solve" and "Coagula". Coagula refers to a process called coagulation where things are broken down and formed into something new. Malum Dauntan is saying that he wishes to solve the problems of the world by breaking it down, and filling it in with pure evil and suffering. Many people believe that you can't have peace without war, but there are some that want war gone and only want peace. Dautan only wants war. His symbol used for communicating with the mortal worlds and worship is shown on the right. Eliphas Levi Del is the name of the artist who drew the first representation of Malum Dautan (which is why his name is shown) and founded the Church of Dautan, successfully bring Dautan as an official religion in the world and thus spreading his power and influence over the whole universe of Eleon.

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