Ttiles "Avenger" "Divine Intervention" "The Watcher"
Alignment Lawful Evil
Interests Humans that defy "his code",
Worshipers Ones with a strict, unforgiving code, Angry individuals, Judges
Cleric Alignments Lawful Evil, Chaotic Neutral, Neutral, Neutral Evil
Domains Death, Revenge, Battle, Death
Favorite Weapon Fists
Phase Created First
Sacred Creature Dog
Sacred symbol Dog
The God of Revenge, who very often passes strict judgment on those who commit acts he deems "Evil", despite being an inherently evil being himself. Imjir has Beast Dogs called "Watchdog Servants" who pass judgment on individuals the Dogs deem unworthy of living a life without suffering. The Dogs alone, just look like Spirits, but they can separate themselves into 4 entities; One made of Ice, Poison, Fire, and Lighting.
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