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Gods Edit

Multiverse Creator Edit


Original 3 Gods Edit

Lucilious-Creator of the Universe-Neutral

Usess-God of Life-Neutral Good

Asolle-Goddess of Death-Neutral Evil

Phase 1 Gods Edit

Desna-Goddess of Freedom-Chaotic Good-Red

Kymnir-God of Science-Lawful Neutral-White, Blue

Ystune-Goddess of Music-Chaotic Neutral-Green, Red

Aheyar-God of Logic-Lawful Neutral-White

Imjir-God of Revenge-Lawful Evil-Red, Black

Mythorilia-Goddess of Karma-Lawful Good-White

Neptunius-God of Time-Neutral-White, Blue, Green

Uldrum-Goddess of Hatred-Chaotic Evil-Red, Black

Hather-God of Love-Neutral Good-Red, Green

Daymon - God of Conflict - Chaotic Neutral-Black, Red

Phase 2 Gods Edit

Benihime- Goddes of Law- Lawful Neutral- White, Black

Xelpha-Goddess of Equality-Lawful Good

Atune-Goddess of Misery-Lawful Evil

Elsandor-God of Greed-Chaotic Neutral

Eone-Goddess of Manipulation-Neutral Evil

Ojunis-God of Pride-Neutral Evil

Mynija-Goddess of Rage-Chaotic Evil

Udtarr-God of Respect-Neutral Good

Ybris-God of Arcane-Lawful Neutral-Blue, White

Jodanna-Goddess of Lust-Neutral Evil

Sopdon-God of Knowledge-Lawful Neutral

Phase 3 Gods Edit

Adall-God of Secrets-Lawful Evil

Babislom-God of Fame-Chaotic Neutral

Welfra-God of Honor

Udon-God of Arena and Combat-Chaotic Evil

Jatdon-God of Honesty-Lawful Good

Aara-Goddess of Peace-Lawful Good

Vaone-Goddess of The Primal-Chaotic Neutral

Sudenar-God of Work-Lawful Neutral

Endar-God of Luck-Chaotic Good

Qetris-Goddess of Acceptance-Neutral Good

Phase 4 Gods Edit

Hugyn-God of Food and Drink-Neutral Good

Valfor-God of the Forge

Esdina-Goddess of Slavery and Chains-Lawful Evil

Onuus-God of Money and Trade-Chaotic Neutral-White

Qudum-God of Story-Chaotic Neutral

Phase 5 Gods (Alien Gods) Edit

Suva-Goddess of Darkness-True Neutral-White, Black

Yog-Sothoth - God of the Void-Chaotic Evil-Black

Demon LordsEdit

Main Demon Lords Edit

Malum Dautan - Pure Evil

Trewuya - Lady of Deception, Manipulation, and Seduction - Neutral Evil-Black, Red

Relith - Master of Massacre - Lawful Evil

Yerfnew - Lady of Oppression - Chaotic Evil

Hiyruin - Lord of Defilement - Neutral Evil

Furion - Lord of Dominance - Lawful Evil

Krafor - Lord of Torture - Chaotic Evil

Secondary Demon Lords Edit

Gandeur- Lord of Treacherous Acts - Lawful Evil

Kulmun - Lord of Riots - Chaotic Neutral

Kiryia - Lady of Overindulgence - Red

Waxziuok - Lord of Flesh - Neutral Evil

Zxyuikiozz - Lord of Confusion - Chaotic Neutral

Cory - Baron of Burning Buildings - Chaotic Evil

Tyrgunl - The Undertaker - Lawful Evil

Aivilo - Maiden of Lost Souls - Neutral Evil

Allizdog - Master of Monsters - Neutral Evil

Al'nore - Lord of the Infernal - Lawful Evil

Regiya - Lady of Regrets - Neutral Evil

Poiagon- The Pestilent - Neutral Evil

Cogyeriaghn - Bone Baron - Neutral Evil

§iliŒÞ - Trickster Tyrant - Chaotic Evil

Non-Deity Powers Edit

Mother Nature-Chaotic Good

Spirit of Ergoth Samuraith-Lawful Good

The Titans-Neutral

Dragons-Neutral Evil

Aka Kamakiri - Lawful Evil - White, Black

Domains Edit












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