Aka Kamakiri
Aka Kamakiri
Ttiles The Guillotine

The Red Mantis The Red Shroud

Alignment White, Black
Interests Assassination, Murder
Worshipers Red Mantis Assassins, Assassins
Cleric Alignments N/A
Domains Death
Favorite Weapon Sawtooth Sabre
Phase Created N/A
Sacred Creature Mantis
Sacred symbol Sawtooth

History Edit

Long after the banishment of Asolle and the death of Lucilious the gods Benihime, Aheyar, and Imjir, fearing Asolle's return, searched the planes for any remnants she may have left, and found a small planet hidden in one of the darkest corners of the material plane. Breaching this planet revealed it was hollow, and contained a warehouse mostly devoid of artifacts, save a deactivated living construct in the form of a monstrous mantis with nearly the power of a god in its own right. Benimine and Imjir confiscated this construct, and rebuilt its mind into the perfect assassin, made to deliver law and punishment around the plane as Benihime and Imjir saw fit.

Church of Aka Kamakiri Edit

The small church of Aka Kamakiri is an offshoot of the more radical followers of Benihime.

Worshipers Edit

The inquisitors, clerics, paladins and assassins with the most twisted and morbid view on law follow Aka Kamakiri and seek his power.

Temples Edit

Temples of Aka Kamakiri are relatively few and hidden well, where orphans and other lost children are raised to give their lives for Aka Kamakiri, Benihime, and her law as assassins or inquisitors.

Holidays Edit

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